Complaints Procedure


If you have problems with any of our services, please feel free to talk about it by clicking the contact link on the website, The fields on the form should be correctly filled. In the space for title, type the word 'complaint' so we can address it immediately. Other important pieces of information you must enter are the date and time you paid for the service. Also fill the transaction ID so that we can effectively track the details of the purchase. Once you have done your own part, you can expect feedback from us in about seven business days. We will address every complaint on the form you submit and this will be done in less than three weeks. Our aim is to give you the satisfaction you desire. If we consider your case to be genuine, we shall send a refund to the credit or debit card you used for the transaction. We will let you know why we won't send you a refund if you are not eligible for it. You can report your grievance again if you disagree with our decisions. If you still don't accept our judgment, you are free to send a note to the Society of Will writers.

Note: Although we advise you to follow the complaints procedure stated above, you may decide to take other measures such as meeting a lawyer.