How Does It Work? 3 Easy Steps

Producing a Will using the Simple Wills online Will writing service could not be easier:

  1. Choose whether you want to write a Will for yourself or yourself and a partner, and complete our online Wills questionnaire.
    There are useful guidance notes at each stage of the process and we have a help facility to answer your questions.
  2. Check that the contents of your Will are correct, and pay for your Will using our secure online payment facility.
  3. Print your Will and sign it.
    You will receive instructions as to how to sign the Will correctly and how to have it witnessed.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to produce your own legally valid Will. You now have the peace of mind that comes with having written your Will and knowing that your estate is now protected for your loved ones.

You will wonder why you didn’t write your Will years ago and you will be glad that you chose SimpleWills to write your Will online.

And don’t forget, you can also use Simple wills for other services:

Powers of Attorney

In these days of Data Protection a Power of Attorney is an essential tool. Ever phoned a utility company and they refuse to speak to you because the account is in your partner’s name? Frustrating isn’t it? And that’s only an irritation. If your partner loses capacity for whatever reason—and this can happen at any age—the consequences can be serious if there is not a Power of Attorney in place. Click here for more details.


The Simple wills storage service is more than just a safe place to keep your documents. Click here to see all the benefits of storing your Will with the Simple Wills Secure Lifetime Will Service.


Sometimes there are family issues and concerns that just cannot be covered by a Will alone. Click here if you feel that your circumstances are that bit more complicated and we will have one of our experienced estate planners contact you to discuss.

Care Home Cost Advice

As we live longer, care home costs are becoming more of an issue. We can help answer your questions and concerns regarding care costs. New rules and regulations are about to be introduced in England and our estate planners can help explain those in simple language. Click here to request a call.